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Reseller Program


Mobile website design is in high demand.  About 70% of business owners nationwide don't have a mobile friendly website.  Our reseller program enables anyone to have a nice steady income by offering custom mobile site design services to their local businesses.

(We Do All The Work, You Take All The Glory)

As a reseller, there are two ways you can make an income.

  1. Sales Rep:  Sell our mobile site design services and make $50, to $100 on each account.
  2. Partner Program:  Become a mobile site design company in your town and keep all the profit

Option 1 Details:

We will provide you with the necessary training and marketing material to help you sell our services to businesses in your neighborhoods, across town or even nationwide. You will use our Sales Rep Manual to learn how to find new leads and how to contact these leads and convert them to clients. We will do all the coding, design, programming, installation and customer support. You will receive a $50, $75 or $100 commission for Plan 1, Plan 2, and Plan 3 respectively.

Click Here to download our detailed manual, which explains the whole process step by step

Option 2 Details:

If you have been thinking of having your own business or like to work from home, then the "Partner Program" is perfect for you. Under this plan, we will create you a website similat to this one. your website will have your own logo and contact information and will have any Domain Name you choose.  You can set your fees for mobile site design. Once your website is created, we will send you a complete guide which explains how to become a hero in your hometown by building mobile sites for those businesses that don't have one. You don't need to have any experience in website design or graphics. Since we will act as your technical team, we'll do all the work and you'll take all the glory.

Under Plan 2, you will pay a one-time fee of $395 so our design team can create a turn-key site (like this one) for you. The site will be designed with your contact information and you will own the site. All orders from the site will go to you directly. We are here to provide you technical and customer service support. You will receive 50% discount on each Plan. Let's go through an example:

A business owner visits your site and orders "Plan 2" for $295. You will email us their information so we can build their mobile site. Once we finished building the site, you can show it to your client and collect your fee. You will then send us 1/2 of the amount you collected ($147.59) by check, paypal or credit card. The other $147.5 is yours. The more accounts you signup the more you will make. 

mobile site business reseller program in California

Here are some sample mobile sites you can sell:

  free mobile site in 3 days

Give It A Shot, You Have Nothing To Lose!