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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is a mobile site?
A mobile site is like a smaller version of your desktop site. It is designed primarily for smart phone users to be able to view your site on the small screen of a mobile phone without having to enlarge texts and images. 
2) Why do I need a mobile site, if I already have a website? 
Although you may have a website that looks great on a desktop or laptop computer but if you view it on your mobile phone you will notice that texts, images and menu buttons are too small. Google came out with a warning on April 21st, 2015 that they would penalize and down rank any website that is not mobile friendly. So, it is crucial to your bottom line to have a mobile site as soon as possible.  
3) How do I know if my current site is mobile friendly or not? 
Visit the "Google Mobile-Friendly Test" link below, enter your site name and it would tell you if your site is mobile ready or not? 
4) Do I have to change my current site to make it mobile responsive? 
You can keep your current desktop website as is and just create a separate mobile site. Or you can have us or any other website design company to convert your existing site to a "Responsive Site". Responsive sites are designed to be viewed comfortably across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). 
5) Do I need to register a new domain name for my mobile site? 
No. Your mobile website will have the same name as your regular website with a small exception. For example if your site name is , you mobile site name could be: or  
6) Why should I hire you to do my mobile site? 
We have been designing websites since 2000. We fully understand this technology and building responsive sites is what we do all day long. Most site design companies charge anywhere from $300 to $800 for a nice mobile website and may take weeks to have it ready. We only charge a small one-time fee of $195 (for Plan 1) and usually we have your mobile site ready within 3 days or less. Most importantly, we don't charge you a penny to build your mobile site. Since we have confidence that you will love the mobile site we create for you, we ask that you let us design your mobile site and once it is published and you like it, pay us the small design fee.  
7) If I change something on my regular site, do have to do the same on my mobile site? 
Depends who builds your mobile site? The mobile sites we build automatically get updated as soon as you update an image or part of your regular site. This is really a nice feature which most other companies don't offer. 
8) Which plan is suitable for me? 
"Plan 1" is good for most small businesses such as auto repair shops, Mom & Pop's businesses and such. 
"Plan 2" is for businesses that need special forms, or pages created for them. Most law firms and people in medical profession should take this plan to make sure all their needs are take care of. 
"Plan 3" is designed for restaurants, events organizers, catering services and any business that needs to show food or service menus on their mobile site. 
Keep in mind, you can always upgrade your plan by paying the difference. 
9) Do I need multiple mobile sites if my business has multiple locations? 
No. We can list all your locations maps and address on one single mobile site. 
10) How would I let Google know my site is now mobile friendly so they won't penalize my site? 
We submit your new mobile site to Google to be indexed so they would know. 
11) Why are you the only company that does not charge any fees upfront to build a mobile site? 
We sincerely believe if you are great at what you do, give your clients a free test run without obligating them to pay you anything upfront. It has been our experience that almost all of our clients that we have build their mobile site have paid us in full at the end and some have even given us a nice bonus just for trusting them. . 
12) Do you build mobile sites in languages other than English? 
Yes, we can make your mobile site to have a translation option of up to 16 languages. 
13) Can you make mobile site for businesses outside of USA? 
Yes. We have clients from all over the world. 
14) How long does it take to build my mobile site? 
For most clients we are able to build a mobile site in 3 days. More detailed mobile sites, like the ones needing a special feature (menus, reservation, online booking) might take up to 10 days to finish. 
15) Why do I have to give you my website's login ID and Password? 
We need to access your current website to add a short "Redirect Code" to it. The purpose of the redirect code is to send those viewing your website on a mobile phone to your mobile site and keep all others on your regular site. 
16) Do you make mobile sites for restaurants showing complete menu and reservation form? 
Yes. No matter how large or small your menu looks like, we can add your menu to your mobile site. Make sure to select Plan 3 if you need this feature. 
17) Why do you charge a monthly fee? 
As was explained above under question (7), we use a smart algorithm that updates your mobile site whenever you change something on your regular site. For this, we must have your mobile site hosted on our server and that is why we charge a small hosting fee. If you prefer to host your mobile site on your server, we can do that for a one-time fee of $95. 
18) Can I refer a business to you and get a commission? 
Yes. For any business that you refer to us and orders one of our plans, we will give you $50. This amount can be paid to you by check or we can apply it toward your monthly hosting fee. 
19) Can I make money selling mobile sites that you will build? 
Yes. Please learn about our "Reseller Program". 
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